In modern ventilation and cooling systems it is important that the maintenance and monitoring of the systems would be carried out by specialists of the corresponding field.
Many equipment producers give a guarantee to their equipment with a prerequisite that the equipment will be maintained by a person who has the necessary qualifications. When carrying out maintenance works the most important works are the checking of the belts and bearings of ventilators, checking the work of inlet valves, changing filters, testing systems in work regime and checking drive automation.

Normally constructors give the systems installed by them a two-year guarantee, but that does not include the regular maintenance of the systems.
Thanks to timely maintenance the running order of the equipment is always guaranteed, also there is a continuous overview of the state of the systems.
Timely maintenance helps to save the owners money by helping to avoid additional expenses to reparation works.

We mainly offer maintenance works to ventilation and cooling systems, but if necessary, we could also help with the maintenance of other technical systems. The maintenance team of KODA Ehitus OÜ is active in monitoring equipment and systems installed on site both by our company and by others, checking their condition, servicing and fixing them when necessary. From July 2022 our maintenance team will operate as part of FORUS HALDUS OÜ, which belongs to the same group. All contacts can be found HERE.