Research and development

In addition to its core business, KODA Ehitus is based on its long-term knowledge and experience contributing to innovative solutions and the promotion of knowledge-based construction. Special the focus is on the sustainable use of resources, including the digitalisation of construction and building management; and renewable energy applications.

In the construction sector, the reconstruction of buildings significantly reduces the energy demand of the building, but at the same time the electricity demand of the building increases during the installation of forced ventilation, heat pumps, smart home solutions, etc. This has led to the need to find new, innovative and high value-added technological solutions that would allow the country to move towards the reduction of energy consumption and the introduction of compensation mechanisms.

One of the parts of KODA Ehitus OÜ in promoting the research and development direction is the project “Return air ventilation systems development of an energy efficiency model ".

The aim of the project is to conduct a preliminary study of the innovative process to ensure the best indoor climate for existing and new buildings in a resource - efficient way; and to enable the indoor climate of new or refurbished buildings to be designed as a "smart solution" the most optimal equipment solutions, taking into account the established requirements for the handling of ventilation systems new requirements. Enterprise Estonia contributes 26,944.40 euros to the implementation of the project through the European Regional Development Fund development unit support.